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We are hard at work to improve how we operate and provide more "service" to our members. February 2024

Currently a very small group has made themselves available. That means ideas are flowing but could be at a greater amount.

We are updating our long-term planning guide as well as developing a viable strategic plan.

We have plans to not only digitize some of our physical curations to prevent losing those to age effects, but also to create more space. The advantage added is that one can then easily find archives via digital availability and/or guide to where things are kept for physical show.

Soon we plan to offer digitizing old media such as VHS tapes, audio cassettes etc. (non-copy right) to our registered members at no cost. We have the ability to do video meetings if anyone is interested (or even an individual video call) since we now have true high-speed internet.

For those of you who are members and not actively involved, we encourage you to do so, even if on a limited time frame.

We are seeking younger members (younger than 70's and up) to help preserve the history center and in a sense the Harrah Historical Society.

Maintaining the grounds and buildings comes at a cost, some obvious, some hidden, so funding via membership dues, donations and grants is crucial. Acquiring these is at time very difficult.

We welcome all to visit and attend our monthly meetings and visit our website and Facebook pages.

Please consider volunteering and preserve today's history for your descendants to appreciate.

Update 6/16/2024

Our volunteers are always hard at work (we need more of you to help out) to improve your historical legacy, from yesterday back to known Harrah history.

We are excited about the course of action being taken and planned, both administratively and physically. Our strategic planning is being updated (what our plans are, based on the current and foreseen environment). We are planning (and have begun) to digitize things for ease of locator time. Future plans include enabling digitization of old VHS tapes and other older media for our members at no cost.

Our museum is getting a reorganization of curated items and rearrangement of furniture and displays to improve visitors' ease of access.

Much more activities are going on and you can help, even if only a few hours.

Your team

Update 6/22/2024

We are again excited about a recent grant that will allow us to enable more digitization of historic publications as well as recording of our curated items.

This will take a lot of time and effort and any volunteer time members can provide to accomplish this would be welcome.

Stay tuned for update. In the meantime, if you have not signed up for membership, simply go tour membership page and come support our endeavor to preserve for future generations.

Update 7/13/2024

We are excited about our coming ability to digitize our written and printed archives soon as new equipment is arriving thanks to a grant from the City of Harrah. Soon you will be able to quickly find Harrah historic data at the touch of a finger or at least quick data search. With it comes a lot of volunteer work of those who have the ability or desire to learn the process of digitization. Contact us if interested.